Bun&Bunee started as an in house project. The goal: Can we create characters with the most basic of shapes and bring them to life.

52 episodes later we had developed a whole world with amazing characters.

In 2004 Bun&Bunee was sold to Disney Latin America. A year later it was broadcast on South African television and most recently showcased on the prime TV channel, Showmax.

A skateboarding brand and merchandising arm was developed for the Bun&Bunee brand which sold very well in California and South Africa.

In 2023, Bun&Bunee launched its own YouTube channel and we aim to bring out even more merchandising for this cute and squishy series.

At Luma, we learnt the whole process from start to finish. From storyboard to TV episodic production. From merchandising to online stores. Now we are more than equipped to take on your next project!

View one of the Bun and Bunee episodes below: