We are Luma

An award winning animation studio nestled in the heart of South Africa. Our films, series and commercials have pushed the boundaries in character animation, VFX and compositing.

We have an incredible story to tell, so we invite you to read more.

From our clients
From our clients
The team at Luma do all the dirty work, and the fancy stuff too! Thanks for taking care of us.
— Steve Sonnenleiter (Sr. Art Director Marketing Architects)
From our clients
We are very happy with the VFX they did for the Shaka series. Thank you team!
— Desiree Markgraaff (Exec Producer at The Bomb)
From our clients
What a joy to work with the team at Luma. Their dedication to their craft is unrivalled!
— Matthys Boshoff (Director @ The Sweetshop & The Star Film Company)
From our clients
Luma brought the script to life in vivid colour and motion which translated into a successful campaign! Thank you.
— Christo van der Westhuizen (Group MD at etal)