Behold our latest creation!

Luma truly ruffled some tail feathers this time in our latest featured creature spot for Master Good Hungary and their agency Roman Klis in Germany.

It was an honor and a privilege to pitch against some of the top international studios and be chosen to bring this expertly imagined story to life.

Getting in touch with our inner chicken, our animators spent time with actual free range chickens on a farm outside of town, walking / crouching among them, breathing the same air, studying their every move filming plenty of video.

Chickens are not only crazy, but also super cool and each one is a totally unique character in every way - we tried to apply the same thinking to our story.

Our plucky protagonist has an incredible character arc and goes from a screen-addicted teen to rediscovering his love for playing with his friends outdoors on the awesome free-range Master Good farm, and Mom approves of course.

Chickens, VR and the realization of what's truly important in life - that's a recipe for a fun tv spot.

From our directorial choices in the storytelling sequence, framing, lighting, character design, animation moments and character performance, to our suggestions in music, it was an incredible collaboration with our clients, both Master Good and Roman Klis (it was their amazing concept after all), who loved the process with us every step of the way, we had the most incredible FUN creating this spot, and the end result speak for themselves. 

Many thanks also to you and the whole team. It's not always the case that you have external partners with whom you can work so well and in such an uncomplicated way, and who deliver such enormous quality at the same time.” - Heiko Franke, Brand Consultant @ Roman Klis


Agency:  Roman Klis Design GmbH
Client: Master Good 

Director: Paul Meyer

Tools Used
Autodesk Maya
Side FX Houdini
Blackmagic Design Fusion